Switch data

A Switch data feature allows a user to replace the data in a given project with an updated dataset. This is frequently used to update a project that has been created using interim data, for multi-country studies and for trackers, amongst other project types.

Click on Switch Data and a window will open for you to select the new data file.

The file you select must have the same number of tables and column groups, e.g. if you add another question the file will not be compatible.

You can, however, have additional columns within a column group – e.g. you may have a column group called waves and it only had two columns in the original project (wave 1 and wave 2), but now you have a third (wave 3).

You can also have additional rows within a table, e.g. maybe your list of brands in an awareness question is now longer.

When you open your file, the project will load with the new data, but all of the selections such as chart type, columns shown, layout selections etc. will be retained.

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